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Hey beer lover, looking for a mini fridge to chill your tinnies or bottles of Belgian beer? Nobody likes a warm beer do they? And beers need a home of their own right? In an undercounter fridge, away from the mouldy cheese and last nights takeaway leftovers in your domestic refridgerator.

Well, the boys and girls at The Beer Fridge (our web site) have been hard at work carrying out a comprehensive review of every make & model of beer cooler available in the UK, looking at their branded designs, capacity, dimensions, temperature range and energy ratings.

So if you're looking for that flashy new mini fridge to store all the booze for your next house party, barbecue, or simply one to take pride of place in your student digs, then surf through our collection of small beer fridge review articles, including the entire Husky range, and take advantage of our up to date price comparison widget by buying at the cheapest UK price!

We review and compare prices for a wide range of Beer Fridge products from various manufacturers such as Gamko, Husky Budweiser, Husky Coca Cola, Husky Guinness, Husky Magners, Husky Stella Artois, LEC and many others.

For more Beer Fridge information be sure to read our articles on To Chill or Not To Chill? and Where to Buy a Beer Fridge

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LEC DF50GC Black & Silver Wine / Beer Fridge

LEC DF50GC Black & Silver Wine / Beer Fridge

Main fridge always full of food? Find a corner at home for the compact LEC DF50GC drinks fridge, which will keep up to 10 bottles of wine and a dozen cans of beer or fizzy drink cool. With reversible silver colour framed glass door, bottle rack and two chrome shelves. Exclusive to John Lewis.

Prices checked on Thursday, 18 August 2011   |   Buy The Cheapest LEC DF50GC Black & Silver Wi

Featured Beer Fridge Video

The amazing beer launching fridge as featured on the David Letterman show - a dream gadget for any beer loving sports fan too lazy to get up from the couch. This robot extension to a normal fridge was built for $500 in the US. For equally brilliant products, click here

Mini Fridge or Beer Fridge?

So what's the difference between a beer fridge appearing on our web site and a more standard mini fridge sold by the likes of Dixons, Currys or Pixmania? Well it's all in the name of beer. That's it. Quite simply these mini refridgerators are known as beer fridges if they have some big name beer branding splashed across their sides and door, or they are referred to as mini fridges if they look more like a bog standard kitchen appliance. Essentially all of these mini fridge appliances should have mini dimensions of around half a metre cubed and have a 40 to 50 litre capacity. As a side note, they can sometimes be called a beer retro fridge as they often take on a retro look dating back to the 50s or 60s.

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